We are a married couple producing digital artworks that praise YAHUAH’s creation in all of it’s glory and complex manifestations. From the pure √¶sthetics of His landscapes to the power undergirding every day expressions of natural love. From the destructive forces we’ve unleashed on ourselves as a suffering creation to His saving grace and ever lasting existence as the spiritual architect of this physical reality. We intent to depict not only what is true, but what can challenge us to be better versions of ourselves each day as we strive to inhabit our individual purposes in this life.

We hope our works inspire you to build yourself up and live the best version of yourself in this life.

Art should be interesting.
Art should be genuine.
Art that builds is art worth sharing.
>Art is dead. But He is not. Long live art.

Established in 2013 by Christopher and Jeannisse Herrera, we are self-taught in: game programming, traditional and digital art, and music production.

Christopher Herrera

I love 3D modeling! Creating what’s inside my head is the most profound and entertaining pastime I have, and having it in 3D is the most rewarding medium. I can animate characters to life, or 3D print them into the physical world! Games are the ultimate art form, only in games can one interact so deeply with what the artist has created.

Jeannisse Herrera

I love to draw and design characters, I could spend an entire day refining an illustration until it is exactly as I’d like it to be. I am fascinated by the process of putting lines on paper, or paint on canvas. It’s almost like magic, first the image appears on your head and then suddenly it’s on a piece of paper. The whole experience of art, is like dancing, and it helps me see the world for what it really is! I focus mostly on traditional art, though recently I’ve become interested in digital art too.